Day 1 of the Battle of the North

Day 1 of the Battle of the North

Day 1 of the Battle of the North is in the books and CrossFit Charlottetown represented PEI well!

Kudos to team manager Kevin for driving, errand running, cheering, coaching, and spectating. Witty posts as well.

The morning started cool at the beach for the wod of

Burpees over sand bag
Kettle bell swings
40m sprint with sandbag.

All to be done in the sand! As if Burpees don’t suck enough. Results

CP 8:39 1st masters
Mike 9:08 7th Rx
Dave 9:00 9th scaled
Charla 10:34 10th scaled
Ang 11:10 6th scaled
Steph 12:01 16T scaled

Then off to the dreaded (and practiced in our hotel room) zig zag sprint and sand bag pull. Don’t even know how to explain quickly. Check out Charlas drawing on Facebook. Needless to say, Dave owned and loved this WOD. Results.

CP 36.4 1st
Mike 30.4 10th
Dave 30.0 2T
Charla 35.3 2
Ang 38.9 9th
Steph 43.7 15T

Then in out of the sun ago the arena for this little gem

1000m row
30 hang power cleans
50m of freaking front rack walking lunges.
12:00 time cap.


CP 9:11 1st
Mike 11:35 9th
Dave 8:40 3rd
Charla 10:14 8th
Ang 12:25 14T
Steph 11:52 13th. Thrilling finish and big push to get under the time cap

End of day 1 saw a beach swim so that no ice baths were required. Heading into day 2, overall results are

CP 1st masters
Mike 9th Rx
Dave 5th scaled
Charla 6th scaled
Ang 13th
Steph 17th

Great day with great people…onto to day 2….max ground to overhead and something you all may see tomorrow!!

Just awesome folks, Sunday is always fun..

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