Day 2 Battle of the North Recap

Day 2 Battle of the North Recap

Day 2 at the Battle of the North competition.

Thanks to Kevin for the Day 2 write up

Well since I’ll be out for a while and will be watching the comps for some time I thought I’d try my hand at doing a little write up. So here it goes…

Day 2 started off with a max ground to overhead. Every one went with clean and jerks. First up was our very own Cheryl “I go for a massage every 2 hours” Paynter (or was it Payntner?). Cheryl loads the bar with what I believe she warmed up with. Hands go on the bar, bar goes to collar bone, bar falls to the ground. I think Cheryl missed her first 2 lifts (maybe 3), including going down in weight. Oops. Someone getting too many massages maybe? Finally Cheryl gets one to go up. After about 10 lifts (no joke) Cheryl finishes with 135lbs. I (Kevin) had the honour to judge Angela. Angela basically showed Cheryl how it should be done. Getting some very solid lifts and Pr’ing with a 130lbs clean and jerk (don’t forget to write that down Ang). Steph on her platform with Coach Mike behind her giving her some cues. Unfortunately, I missed most of her lifts but Steph finished with a solid 120lbs clean and jerk after admitting the night before that she believes that next time she should train for a competition. Great job for her. Now imagine what you could do if you train for something! Dave and Charla in the same heat. Showdown! Charla showing the whole crownd how to lift some serious weight. Getting a very impressive, tied for first place, 150 lbs clean and jerk!!!! simply amazing. Dave Cormier. Well what to say about this guy. It’s not easy doing a clean and jerk at 220lbs let alone a push press…. Looking over at Dave from across the field, he knew exactly what I was saying. A very impressive performance from him this weekend. Exceeding his expectations I’m sure! That’s what it’s all about people! Next up was Mike “Michelle” Chaloner. If anyone has been to any competitions with him, they know he is very methodical on how her warms up and how her prepares for a WOD or in this case a lift. He loads up 240 lbs like hes done it a million times. Hands on the bar pulls on the bar and what happens? Mike goes up on his toes and the bar falls. He gets up looks at me and I say “You know what you did right? ” Mike’s response “Yup”. After a few second, walks up to the bar and lifts it. Next up 250lbs! Mike taks his time and is probably making his judge uncomfortable because nothing is happenning. 250 lbs…no problem. Now the big weight goes on the bar 260lbs. Not sure how much Mike weighs. But let’s just say if these lifts were based on body weight. Mike had this in the bag. 260lbs! No problem. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe this was a PR. Amazing.

Next up we will call this the 25s. 25 double unders with a mixture of barbell movements between each double under set. Old people first as usual. In this case Cheryl (she’s 42). I’ll stop picking on her now. Cheryl grabs the rope and does what Cheryl does best. Jumps rope a few times, moves a barbell (very well) and crushes this one with an impressive 340 reps! To save from embarrassment, Angela opts for the substitute of 75 single unders (you’ll get them some day Ang). Ang does very well and gets to the 2nd last barbell movements, the front squats before time expires. Great job for her as I think it was the one she was worried about. Charla and Dave again in the same heat for showdown #2. Charla, no stranger to moving moderate weight fast edges out Dave by 3 reps. Dave if it wasn’t for that darn rope, you would have killed this wod. Now coach Mike’s turn. Keeping in mind this becomes a very different WOD in the Rx division. Mike is flawless on the double unders and keeps a very good pace on the barbell movements. He gets an impressive 278 reps and does not stop until the horn has sounded!

Moving on to the finals. Cheryl and Charla moving on. Dave missing the finals by a small margine of 3 points!! Great job Dave!.

Final Wod: 10 thrusters, 10 ground to overhead, 10 burpeed box jump, 10 deadlifts. You build your bar up in weigh at every station.

Cheryl is up first and absolutely demolishes the movements. Finally, a heavy barbell movements she said. Top of the podium for this lady!

Charla is up next. Unfortunately, I only got to see her go from the corner of my eye. Charla, who I don’t think saw herself being in the finals heat did an amazing job! Crushing the barbell like Cheryl does! Charla just missing out on a podium finish by a couple spots.

My personal highlights from this competition. Charla taking 2nd in the sprint, tied for 1st in the clean and jerk and making the final heat! Great job Charla. Dave killing the sprint WOD with a 2nd place finish. Dave attending his first 2 day competition and finishing 7th overall and narrowingly missing the finals heat by 3 points. Angela conquering her fear of this sprint. Clearly it wasn’t worth all that panic. Angela also escaped from the Ent tree that tried to snatch her from the swing. Steph. Well after seeing what she looked like after the first WOD, I’m just glad she made it out alive! Just joking Steph, you did an amazing job, finishing the lunges on WOD 3 was amazing with only 10 (ish) seconds left. Cheryl getting on the podium of course. Clearly shows that she is not to be messed with at any competition. And last but not least, Mike. These WOD’s were very difficult and Mike had not only him to think about but all the other CrossFit Charlottetown athletes to think about. Mike did not back down from any challenge and put his head down and stuck to his plans and did not stray from them. That’s is the one thing every one should take into account. Mike always goes in with a plan and sticks to it! It works for him and I’m sure all the other competitors have one. Everyone can learn a lot from him.

As much as it was difficult for me to watch and not compete, I can’t express how proud I am to have watched all these great athletes throwdown. CrossFit Charlottetown is a great family to be a part of and proud to say so. Thank you for letting me tag along. 🙂 Great job everyone!!

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  1. Marcy | August 25, 2014 at 10:08 am

    Sounds like a great weekend of competition 🙂 Congrats to all on the PRs!

  2. Ang | August 26, 2014 at 2:23 pm

    Thanks for a great write up, Kevin! Everyone should note that Kevin had the not-so-fabulous job of keeping us all on task…never an easy feat, but one that he succeeded in 🙂

  3. Steph | August 26, 2014 at 4:51 pm

    Great write up Kevin! Thanks for coming and all your support, water, drives and laughs 🙂


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