Saturday September 6th, 2014

Saturday September 6th, 2014

Good luck to all the PEI athletes in DieppeĀ  today laying it down at the D-Town Throwdown. Lots of teams going over so check out the live scoring on wodRocket.

For the rest of you today, have fun, be safe and go nuts.

15 minutes to establish a max Snatch

15 Minures to establish a max Clean and Jerk

Not for time in no paticular order –

Attempt a max effort set(s) of UB Pushups

Attempt a max effort set(s) of UB Pullups

Attempt a max effort set(s) of Double Unders

Attempt a max effort handstand hold on wall or
freestanding or walk depending on skill level.

Attempt a max height box jump (spotters)

* no obligation to try all, feel free to cherry pick

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