Saturday September 20th, 2014

Saturday September 20th, 2014

Best of luck to all the PEI Boxes sending teams to “The Suffering” in Moncton today, hosted by Maritime CrossFit.

Only five more weeks until Witches and WOD’s, make sure you sign up to compete or volunteer.

Strength Complex (Event 2 from The Suffering)
In teams of two inĀ  7 Minutes…
1 Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean
+ 1 Shoulder to Overhead

* Add each partners best completed attempt

In teams of two, you and your partner will move
through five stations trying to score as many
reps as possible in the following movements:
60 seconds of Wall Ball Shots
60 seconds of Rest
60 seconds of Push-Ups
60 seconds of Rest
60 seconds of Box Jumps
60 seconds of Rest
60 seconds of Push Press (75/55 lbs)
60 seconds of Rest
60 seconds of Sit-Ups
60 seconds of Rest
One partner works for the entire 60 seconds,
and then rests while their partner works for
60 seconds. Each partner will cycle through
until they complete each station three times

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