Suffering Recap

Suffering Recap

The Little Island the Could had some strong representation this past Saturday in Moncton at “The Suffering”. It was a same-gender partner competition and all  four PEI affiliates sent multiple teams to the event with at least one pair in every division. Both our teams gave it everything they had and when the dust settled, MLK and Charlotte finished in 10th and Bish and myself took 6th in our respective divisions. Greg Anthony was along to provide support to us all and may have become technologically advanced before it was all said and done.

Though they are not new to CrossFit, MLK and Charlotte don’t have a lot of competitions under their belt. You would never guess it by the fire and passion with which they compete. If you want to learn how to “pace” a WOD, watch Mary Lynn. If you want to learn to throw a right-cross at a pullup rig, watch Charlotte. Super job ladies, must be something in the family genes.

Bish and myself were fortunate enough to qualify for the finals. Mathematically we had no chance at making it to a podium position, but the cool part was being in a three way tie for 5th and both the other teams were from PEI (James/Marcel from Court 6, and Jeff/Todd from Summerside).  When the dust settled we finished in the middle of the three with James/Marcel securing solo 5th, great weekend guys.

Of course, congratulations are in order for Rob/Mike from CF782 who finished 1st in every event to win the Men’s Masters division. Rob informed me after the event that with this accomplishment he’s considering retirement.  Sure buddy, ever heard of Brett Farve?

Another great weekend of watching people push themselves to their limit, and then realizing they can push just a little bit more.  Below is a list of all the great competitors from PEI who took part. Oh, and if any of you want to test yourself even more, Witches and WOD’s would love to see you sign-up.

Women’s Elite:

Lacey Doiron/Kim Perry – CFSS

Men’s Elite:

Mike Chaloner/Steven Bishop – CFC

Jeff MacRae/Todd MacDougall – CFSS

James Tremere/Marcel Petitpas – C6CF

Women’s Competitive:

Mary Lynn Kane/Charlottetown Jenkins – CFC

Rachel McIver/Anne MacLaurin – CFSS

Jaymee Chung/Leanne Callaghan – CF782

Sydney Riggs/Bethany Murphy – C6CF

Jayde DesRoche/Christine Gallant – CFSS

Hannah Ives/Lydia MacLeod – CF782

Katrina Morse/Jassica Lake – CF782

Men’s Competitive:

Jamie Holland/? – CFSS

Men’s Masters:

Mike Ives/Rob Lantz – CF782


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  1. Mary Lynn Kane | September 21, 2014 at 10:21 pm

    Fantastic recap and competition Mike. Crossfit has given me many memorable moments but the opportunity to compete with Charlotte tops them all. Watching her put into action all the things you have tried as a parent to teach, even the right to the rig, is pretty cool and yet another reason I love crossfit. You are an awesome teammate Char.


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