Schedule Changes

Schedule Changes

Starting Wednesday October 1st there will be a few changes to the weekly schedule including the addition of a few new classes.

Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s will be as follows:

6:00am – WOD Class

12:00pm – WOD Class

5:30pm – WOD Class

6:30pm – WOD Class

Tuesday’s there are no changes:

6:00am – WOD Class

5:00pm – WOD Class

6:00pm – Competitive

7:30pm – Open Gym

Thursday’s there will be no more Open Gym, it will change to a regular WOD Class in the evening:

6:00am – WOD Class

5:00pm – WOD Class

6:00pm – WOD Class

Saturday’s remain the same:

8:00am – WOD Class

10:00am – WOD Class

Sunday’s remain the same:

9:00am – Competitive

11:30am – WOD Class

Mobility Classes:

Monday’s at 6:45am

Friday’s at 5:00pm

**** Please note, these changes do not take effect until Wednesday October 1st. For the next week continue to attend at the times posted on the Schedule under the schedule tab on this site****



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  1. Ang | September 29, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    Love the schedule changes! Thanks guys!


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