Marathon Sunday!

Marathon Sunday!



CrossFit Charlottetown came up big on race day! Team Achin’ for Bacon finished 5th out of 44 teams with a time of 3:24:28

Congratulations Jonathan, Charlotte, Steve, Tessa, Rob, Chelsea, Marshall and Dave!

Big big thanks for Dave for volunteering to be team captain and to the awesome logistical support from Angela and Kevin!

Also…..huge thanks to all who worked the CrossFit Charlottetown nutrition stop on Sherwood Road

Robert, Bish, Tracy, Daniel, Sundi, Johanna, and to our little superstars Ireland and Ashlyn….reports are they danced, sang and served up some serious smiles to very weary runners.

Another great day….you guys are awesome. Thanks for all you do:)

Cheryl Paynter - Author

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