Saturday Funday – Recap -Oct 25, 2014

Saturday Funday – Recap -Oct 25, 2014

Our Saturday Funday.

A great crowd showed up at 8am to take on the first WOD to get things rolling. Lots of energy in the gym this morning.


Partner Alternating Tabata
16 Rounds (8 of each station)
Stepups 20″

CFC WOD 1A action


Death by Cleans/Squat Cleans with a Partner, some caption help needed here 😉

CFC WOD 1B Action

Mobility Session

At 9AM a mobility session followed, great to see everyone mobilizing. Provide your thoughts on whats going on here in the comments. 🙂



After mobility we tackled a partner WOD

WOD 2 Teams of 4/5

4 Person Team Chipper, ball and KB couldn’t touch the ground
50 Calorie Row/each
50 Wallballs/each
50 KB Swings/each
50 AbMat Situps/each
50 KB Swings/each
50 Wallballs/each
50 Calorie Row/each

Times ranged from 40 min to 65 minutes, great to see people pushing and helping each other out.

CFC WOD 2 action

WOD 2 action:

After the WOD’s we had some Pizza and drinks for our post WOD nutrition, we all earned it. 😉

Kids WOD

After the big kids worked out the real kids got their chance to move and show the big kids how its done.


Group photo, seems we are all looking at different cameras.

Sat Fun Day Group shot

Great job all!!

Happy Saturday and thanks for making ours great!
Owners and Coaches at CrossFit Charlottetown

PS: Don’t forget about the party tonight at 7:30pm.

Coach Cheryl, showing proper technique and “footwear” moping the floor. 🙂



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