Saturday 11am – Nutrition Talk with Mary Lynn

Saturday 11am – Nutrition Talk with Mary Lynn


This Saturday November 1st at 11am Mary Lynn will be leading a general talk on nutrition at the gym. Many of you have asked what/when you should be eating as new CrossFitters….some of us ‘old’ CrossFitters just need a reminder;)

There will be an optional measurement session if you so desire…we aren’t as focused on weight and measurements as we are with things like….how are you sleeping? better/same/worse?….How is your complexion and skin feeling? better/same/worse? How is your ahmmm digestive system working? better/same/worse? how is your performance at CrossFit feeling…better/same/worse?

This isn’t intended to be a group diet…its a talk on how best to fuel your body with real foods and log some real performance indicators on how it is working for you. Anything done in a group is easier, so a CFC support group will be established for regular check ins and a confession booth will be set up in the main lobby;)

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