Weightlifting (Olympic Lifting) WOD classes in November

Weightlifting (Olympic Lifting) WOD classes in November

Staring Wed Nov 5, 2014 we will be offering two Weightlifting focused classes per week for the month of November (Sunday and Wed), see our updated schedule. These classes are open to all regular WOD class members and are being offered to provide a little extra focus on the Olympic lifts. Don’t worry, there will still be lots of Lifting in our regular programming.  Weightlifting is a big part of CrossFit and if you’re able to execute lifts well it helps you move forward.

Open Gym (currently 7:30pm on Tuesday) is also available to all members and can be used to catch a workout you missed or work on extra skills.

Since we all need a goal, we can have a Weightlifting Max day the 3rd week of Dec 2014. That’s approx 6-7 weeks to training and get ready.

Our hope is to take some of mystery of the step 2 of this picture:



Some Q & A

I am a beginner, is this right for me?

Absolutely, knowing and executing Olympic lifts well will make some workouts easier and your form will be solid  when you get fatigued. It may be a little frustrating at first (especially if you are a Type A personality) but it is worth the investment.

I would recommend you log your 1 Rep Max (RM) so they can referenced easily, we have a Personal Record (PR) board, it yours, use it. If you are trying to progress you don’t always want to lift too light (or too heavy) all the time.

What do I need to know?
Ideally know your 1RM for Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Front Squat, Back Squat, Over Head Squat, Bench, Push Press, Press, etc.. but don’t worry if you don’t know them – we will find them. If you don’t know what a “Hook Grip” is, please ask.

How long are the classes?
1 hour, including warm up and lifting, sometimes there maybe a short Weightlifting focused WOD but not always.

What other equipment do I need?
Ideally flat bottom shoes or Olympic lifting shoes (not a requirement).

But I am not strong enough to do this!
Knowing how to achieve the proper positions can start with a dowel/empty barbell and build from there.
For anyone who has attended the CrossFit Weightlifting course, they spent most of weekend with a dowel that weighed less than 5 lbs and most found they were pretty sore after. 😉

What is the typical class structure?
Warm up 10-15 minutes
Snatch and/or Clean and Jerk, either skills and/or lifting off percentages* – 20 minutes
Pulls ~10 minutes
Squatting (Front, Back, Box Squat, etc) 15 minutes

The format will change depending on the class goals, the above is just an example.

*While there maybe listed percentage for the lifts, all your lifts are based off your own percentages.

What is the lifting environment like?
These classes are meant to be open and collaborative where asking questions and helping each other is encouraged. Sometimes you will be lifting with other people and discussing the movements and asking questions helps you improve.

What is EMOM?
Every Minute on the Minute. Some times we do a lift on the minute every minute for a certain amount of time, this keeps intensity high and allows us moves through lots of lifts in a shorter period.
Its a training tool and used from time to time.

I have (we all do) trouble calculating my percentages based on my 1RM what do I do?
Log your 1RM, 5RM, etc, we have printed off Weightlifting Percentages charts to help calculate things on fly.  There is also a mobile app called WODTools (iOS and Android) that helps with this (shameless plug).

Where can I find more information?
Websites that are referenced for programming and movements and provide lots of great information(there are many more):



Small improvements lead to bigger goals, get better everyday!




122 KG (~268lbs) Snatch, complements of hookgrip.com


205 KG (~451 lbs) Clean and Jerk, complements of hookgrip.com


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