Member Profile….Get to know Adam Doucette!!

Member Profile….Get to know Adam Doucette!!

Our pleasure to introduce Adam on a getting-to-know-you, personal-and-up-close interview! Adam has been and continues to be a pleasure to coach and instantly adds to the community and character of the gym. Very proud of Adam for his can-do attitude, slight addiction to CrossFit videos, attending the CrossFit games because he has found a true passion…most of all proud of Adam for letting go of that once security blanket of a puffer. We rarely see said puffer anymore….quite a change from the Adam that needed the puffer to get through a warm up or a WOD. That, to us, is golden and proof of the efficacy of CrossFit and a positive attitude. Congrats Adam!


1. What do you do for a living?

I’m a Software Engineer for RadNet (RMIS Imaging Services). Great, but what does that mean? I design, develop and maintain software used in Radiology, this ranges from front desk scheduling software to voice recognition used to generate diagnostic reports by radiologists. So a lot of sitting, thinking and coffee all day 🙂

2. How did you get involved in CrossFit and how long have you been CrossFitting?

I got introduced to CrossFit by Coach Bish a little over two years ago. We were co-workers at the time. He sold me on the idea that everything scales down and that I could do it. So I found myself watching numerous CrossFit videos online leading up to my decision to start. The video serious “Killing The Fat Man” backed up Bish’s claims that anyone could do this.
My first WoD was on Sept 11, 2012.

3. What are some of your goals in doing CrossFit?

It started out as just something to try to undo some of the damage of lifestyle choices from my 20s. However it quickly became performance related goals. Things have shifted in the last few months, through CrossFit I found weightlifting. My current focus is to utilize CrossFit conditioning towards improving my skills and strength as a weightlifter.

4. Biggest challenges and rewards of coming to the gym?

The rewards are endless, prior to CrossFit I struggled keeping up with my (at the time) 2 year old playing at the park and things like walking up the stairs to the office was a chore. Now, not only are the basics in every day life exceptionally easier, but rewards also come in the form of CrossFit PRs, new friends and a great outlet for stress and emotions. The mental game of CrossFit is as rewarding as the physical.

We have a super community and great coaches. Most challenges related to CrossFit for me happen outside of the gym. Primarily a long battle with making proper nutrition stick. It’s great to have people to turn to for support and information, even while outside of the walls of the box.

5. Any results you would care to share?

The results list is far too long. I started this with no intentions of doing anything more than trying to get in slightly better shape. I didn’t think I would even stick with it. I guess that’s a huge one right there, CrossFit is so fun and the people are so great that I have stuck with it.

From a measurable performance stand point the PRs and result list is huge and keeps growing. Also I’ve taken part in two Opens, one local CrossFit competition, one local weightlifting competition and I’m currently training for my second weightlifting meet. The me of 3 years ago would have laughed at you if you suggested I’d be doing any of this today.

6. Favorite workout or movement?

Let’s do one of each…
Grace – This was my first benchmark and it hit me hard. I’ve been chasing her down since.
Clean – Yes folks, the full meal deal, ass to grass!

7. Least favorite workout or movement?

Running and any WoD with running… wall balls have a special place in the pain cave too.

8. Favorite music/song to CF to?

Slipknot, Mastodon, Faith No More, Between The Buried And Me, etc. You know, the heavy stuff that I’m always pushing the coaches to play. It helps ya “Go So Hard”.

9. Anything else you would like to add?

Prior to CrossFit, I pretty much had zero fitness experience at all. Just a life of cheeseburgers and video games since grade 10 phys ed. A combination of this and a life of being told I couldn’t take part in sports due to severe childhood asthma really put me deep in the hole. I’ve been fighting to climb out of that hole since starting CrossFit. Here I am a little over two years in and I think the journey of strength, conditioning and health is really just starting for me.

So no matter your current fitness level or physical limitations, remember everything can be scaled to meet your need. I’m a great example of this. If you have struggled with going to a gym or getting in shape, try this out, it’s not easy and it doesn’t get easier, but you get to suffer together and everyone comes out stronger in the end.

Cheryl Paynter - Author


  1. Steph C | November 3, 2014 at 7:07 pm

    Congratulations on all of your successes Adam! You’re awesome to have around the gym and really inspiring 🙂 Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ cause it’s workin’ lol

  2. barbellsforbreakfast | November 7, 2014 at 4:17 pm



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