When we think of our sports hero’s and role models we often hear names like, Peyton Manning, Lebron James, and Sydney Crosby. For us CrossFitters it’s the likes of Chris Spealler , Annie Sakamoto, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, and Rich Froning. It is human nature to be in awe of the elite athlete because they can do things that us regular folk will never achieve. They do things that border on super-human.

There is of course another group of athletes out there who really are awe-inspiring and the vast majority of the world will never know there names or witness the amazing physical (and mental) feats they can achieve. They are the Adaptive Athlete.

Any time I’ve watched a video highlighting these phenomenal men and woman it lights a fire under me, and when I watched the “Working Wounded Games” video on the CrossFit main-site the other day it was no different.  All I could think was how much I’ve complained (whined) about having a knee problem over the last couple of weeks. Then I was somewhat ashamed of myself for all the times I’ve wished I could train without pain. I think the next time something is hurting, or God forbid, I have to modify my WOD from what I wanted to do, I’ll have to remind myself to “Suck it up Princess”.

I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to watch the video link  provided HERE. Try to watch the whole thing, it’s only 6 minutes and 33 seconds of your life. If it doesn’t touch something inside of you, I don’t know what will.

If your sore or tired and don’t want to head in to the gym someday, remember this video. If you’ve thought about trying CrossFit but think it’s to hard, remember this video.

“If you have a body, you are an athlete”
― Bill Bowerman

Michael C - Author

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