Island Throwdown II & Nova Scotia Weightlifting Open Recap

Island Throwdown II & Nova Scotia Weightlifting Open Recap

Island Throwdown II

A great day of competing and hanging out with our fellow Island CrossFitters and even some from away. Team Orange Crush was fielded by Jonathan and Daniel (first ever event by these two) in mens scaled and Dave C and me (Coach Mike) in mens Rx. Our support team was made up by Coach Cheryl and professional cheer leader Kevin.

After a lot of fun and a little pain, Jonathan stood atop of the podium with a clean sweep of all three events. Not bad for a guy with less then four months of CrossFit experience. Daniel finished in a solid tie for 7th, Dave grabbed a 13th while I finished in 11th.

A well hosted event that even finished ahead of schedule I think. All four PEI boxes were represented and each put at least one person on the podium showing there is some great athletes spread out over our little Province.



Nova Scotia Weightlifting Open Recap

A big weekend of Weightlifting at the Nova Scotia Open hosted by CrossFit Exertion. An added bonus was an on-site Paleo friendly kitchen which served awesome food.



Adam lead off the day in the 77 Kg category. A little bit of a back story was his determination and dedication to lift in the 77KG instead of the 85KG. Cleaning up his diet and following a plan he made that weight class with some room to spare. Also put a few Comp PR on the board.

Next up was Elle who went 6 for 6 in all her lifts. Looking nervous before the lift and then once the bars over head she is all smiles. Perhaps part of coach DW mental training for Elle.

DW was busy changing numbers for athletes so they could focus on their lifts.

Bish was up last lifting in the 105 KG category. While I had a plan for the day, warm up was going better than expected so I pushed my number up. A big thanks for Adam D for helping me adjust my declared numbers during the event, there were a few of them! Only 8 KG away from national qualifying totals, time to get stronger or cut weight.

Thanks to the hosting gym and organizers for a great event.

Some more pictures can be found on CrossFit Exertions FB page:

Mens 77 KG category
Adam Doucette
Snatch – 43 KG (f) 45 KG (f) 45 KG (f)
Clean and Jerk – 59 KG 61 KG (PR) 64 KG (PR)

Women’s 58 KG category

Elle Whitty
Snatch – 15 KG, 17 KG, 19 KG
Clean and Jerk – 21 KG, 23 KG, 25 KG
Total: 44 KG

Men’s 105 KG category
Steven Bishop
Snatch – 107 KG, 111 KG (Comp PR), 120 KG (f)
Clean and Jerk: 132 KG 137 KG 141 KG (PR)
Total: 252 KG (~554 lbs), just need 8 KG to quality for nationals in weight class

Full results can be found at

A shout out to other PEI lifters at the event:

Kyle Strang (94KG) – Total 220 KG, currently training at CrossFit Exertion
Gage Emmett SMITH (94KG) – Total 233 KG, 1st in 94KG Category
Tim MACDOUGALL (77KG) – Total 231 KG, “Best Male Lifter” 1st in 77KG Category
Adam KAULBACH (94KG) – Total 218 KG

Adam doing his thing:



Elle, just about to smile after a good lift.

elle _lifting


Some “almost” Masters guy lifting weight:

310 clean and jerk

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  1. Coach DW | December 1, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    I’ve been lucky enough to coach elite athletes in the past, compete in some pretty cool things and coach at some pretty big events (CrossFit Games -nothing like having ESPN infront of you filming you losing your voice), but nothing compares to the singular focus a lifter must have before stepping on that platform! I have never been as challenged as a coach, so proud as dad and so pleased to be part of such a cool sport. I’d suggest everyone try the Olympic Classes and fence sitters to commit and sign-up for next event. Adam showed great grit re-focusing for the C & J. Elle was hard to hold back. Tim delivered in clutch and Bish moves freakin’ heavy barbells. Can’t wait for my own knee to get fixed and join you guys on the platform in 2016 instead of just off to side.


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