What the heck is this thing folks are talking about… the CrossFit Open?

What the heck is this thing folks are talking about… the CrossFit Open?

Hi all!

There is increasing chatter around the gym on the upcoming CrossFit Open.  For those who have been around a bit…you know the drill….5 weeks, 5 workouts, massive fun, hard work, pushing yourself, PRs abound, Corena cheerleading, Thursday night refreshing of the games site, etc, etc.  Some changes coming we don’t quite know the effect of yet, the biggest being the addition of a scaled division for this season.

For those new to this gig this year, lets back up….  The CrossFit Open is a worldwide event.  Thousands upon thousands of CrossFit athletes just like you register to log their workout results for 5 weeks, one workout per week.  CrossFit release that weeks workout on Thursday night and you have until Monday evening to complete the workout while being judged and to log your score into their site.   Top performers (and the minority of Open competitors) continue onto the CrossFit regionals and ultimately the CrossFit Games.

CrossFit Charlottetown will be doing the workouts of the Open for the duration, starting the last week of February.

Should you register for the Open?  Ummmm, hell ya!  There is a small fee attached that is payable to CrossFit HQ (not us) in around $15 for the 5 weeks.

Why should I register?  Well, the easy answer is you will doing the workouts anyway, so why the hell not? 🙂 The better answer is that I have been through a few years of the Open myself as an athlete and as a coach.  Magic happens during the Open…there is an undeniable energy and excitement in the gym (queue Corenas dancing) that is competition but in the safety and security of your own home gym.  You will be judged and held to high standards but you will be also be cheered as you reach new PR’s and do things you thought were undoable and out of reach.

Suffice to say, lots of fun is to be had and we will be amping the gym up for a fantastic Open season.  Watch for a little info/ Q&A session coming soon.

Lots more information to come and registration will open in about a week.  

Questions?  Ask a coach or veteran at the gym.

There is no pressure here but I truly believe this is an experience that you will all enjoy and get a great benchmark for your fitness against a large pool of your peers.

Did I mention fun and energy??


Post your favorite Open memory veterans….I am flush with memories here as I write this…..








Cheryl Paynter - Author


  1. dave cormier (@davecormier) | January 8, 2015 at 11:47 am

    My first year in the open (2013) I’d been in the gym about 6 months, and Adam started with me. I remember one of the workouts Adam PRing in the warmup to see if he could reach the Clean & Jerk weight. He then went on to lift that same weight 10 times in the workout. Awesome. Cheryl’s right, things amp up a little in the Open.

    Also… i have this nice video from the never to be spoke about again 14.5 from last year… Hi Corena! https://vine.co/v/MeqQ9aY5HH1

  2. The Deuce | January 8, 2015 at 1:26 pm

    Yes Dave, our first open was fun.
    Besides PRing all the Clean & Jerks, during 13.5 I also PRed my thruster at 100lbs for 15 reps and got my first Chest to Bar pull up. Which ended up being 6 unbroken out of the gates, promptly followed by a Ric Flairesque “Woooooooo!” before hopping back on the bar for some more.

    13.3 – Karen (150 wall balls), a bunch of DUBs and MUs. The 20lb ball to a 10ft target (which felt like 100ft when you are only three apples tall) would be a PR for me. I set a goal to try to get 100 reps in the time cap. My judge/coach who not only gave me more than a few no reps did a super job of dragging me through the mental side of this battle. Thanks Cheryl! How did I do? It’s documented here https://twitter.com/Deucemania/status/315497962333679616

    Dave and Cheryl speak of the fun and obvious gains you can get in the Open. PRs are super. However, there is another side, a competitiveness that may hit you and can take you to a dark place.

    On that note, a few more quick stories on last years open, with some back story. To the non-CFPEI alumni, you may not know, but I had a pretty bad wrist strain just before last years open. It was healed enough to try the work outs, but limited my ability quite a bit. The rack position and snatch width grip over head were problems for me.

    14.2 OHS and C2B pull ups. Dave judged me as I clean the bar, walked my hands out to a slightly wider grip, jerked it then failed most OHS losing them forward. Dave signed off his judging paper to be with 6 reps. Class ended after one more heat where I watched Greg Anthony tear it up. Then instead of being mad and just leaving, I decided to try it one more time in front of the few people left. Racking up 21 reps this time. Competitive fire!

    14.5 (mentioned again already) –
    AKA “I’ll do another rep if I don’t throw up”
    AKA “The rest feels worse than the work”
    AKA “Joey’s gonna be late for work today”
    AKA “40 some minutes is a long time to feel terrible”
    AKA “Tracy still wakes up in sweats after dreaming it was her that struggled so much with this one”
    AKA “That sucked but Im so glad to have finished”
    AKA “I don’t want to have to do it again, but I’d like to know what I’d get if I was healthy”
    AKA ” Castro’s gonna make this 15.1″

    Super long story short, if you haven’t done The Open yet…
    Do it this year and may all the gains be yours!

  3. The deuce | January 8, 2015 at 9:13 pm

    I think most people PRed their deadlift in the deadlift box jump last year.


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