Sunday Jan 11, 2015 – Comp Group

Sunday Jan 11, 2015 – Comp Group

Warm up

50 Double Unders
2 x
2 Goblet Squats 10 sec decent
1 Goblet Squat 20 sec hold at bottom knees out
1 Bent Press

50 Double Unders


5 Rope Climbs (not for time)
Great work on these!


Tabata Burpees (6 rounds)
– Row for Calories the difference between your lowest and highest round x 6.


“Pyramid of Death”, thanks



Deadlift 225#/185#

Push Press 95#/65#

Sit Up

Pull Up

*scale where needed weight or reps


Partner Up
Partner A completes prescribed rep count on one movement, then Partner B. Continue working each rep sequence on each movement till complete.

Olypmic Lifting

Snatch accessory work


1A Snatch Press under
1B Heaving Snatch Balance
1C Snatch balance


Technique work, moving from one movement to the other every 60 seconds.

Another fun day.

Ang kept the boyz in check today, great to see you out!.


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