Sunday Feb 8, 2015 – Comp Group

Sunday Feb 8, 2015 – Comp Group

Just a few more weeks until the CrossFit Open is upon. Watch for fun Open related things happening at CrossFit Charlottetown.

Warm up

10 Hand Release Push Ups
10 KB Snatches
10 Elevated Squats
10 OH Squats
30 Double Unders



Toy Soliders, Leg Swings, Duck Walks and Gorilla Walks

Squat Therapy – 4 Rounds, 30 sec On, 1 min Off

WOD 1 – Olympic Lifting

Jerk Foot work drills

then WOD
Complex of the following (working up in weight):
Thruster, Push Press, Push Jerk and a Split Jerk.

WOD 2 – Partner WOD

50 Partner Wall Balls
3 Rounds
50 Pullups
50 Box Jump Overs
50 KB Swings
50 DU
then after the 3 rounds are complete
50 Cal Row using one rower.



Focusing on technique not weight

3 x 2 Pause Front Squats, rest 60 sec
3 x 2 Kang Squats, rest 60 sec
3 x 2 Wall Walks, rest 60 sec


Kudos to the ladies today for making the Lifting complex look easy today.

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