Member profile – Get to know Marshall!!

Member profile – Get to know Marshall!!


It is our pleasure to give you a glimpse of Marshall Thomson!   While quite modest in his comments below, it should be said that Marshall’s improvements have and continue to be incredible!  His no quit attitude and commitment to developing all his skills and especially working on his weaknesses have put him in a firebreather category, competing  side by side the regions best, ahmm,  “masters” athletes.  Marshall is very consistent with his training, his focus on improving his mobility and has focused on his nutrition as well.   Most of all, Marshall is a lot of fun, has a lot of laughs on the gym floor and can rarely be seen without his huge trademark smile.

Also, super excited to announce Marshall is registered to take his Level 1 in Moncton in April and will be a fabulous addition to our coaching bench!


What do you do for a living?
Work in hotel management With Delta

How did you get involved in CrossFit and how long have you been CrossFitting?
I moved back to PEI 4 ½ years ago and worked for coach Paynter. Knowing I was into working out and exercising she told me about this crazy crossfit workout she was doing. My first inclination was “you MUST be crazy” but eventually the intrigue was too much to ignore and I signed up for fundamentals. I haven’t looked back since that day…except to see my sweat stain on the floor.

What are some of your goals in doing CrossFit?
I really just want to keep in shape and stay fit. I enjoy competing at local competitions as well and I am always looking to push myself to do better with each workout.

Biggest challenges and rewards of coming to the gym?
UPPER THORACIC MOBILITY and damn double unders…lol. I continue to work on flexibility as a major focus. Rewards…personal gains and PR’s are always great. Watching those working out with me succeed is always fantastic and let’s face it, the community is amazing. I have been part of an exercise program for most of my adult life and I have never been part of a community that supported one another like the Crossfit community does. The friends I work out with are much more like family and I am sure those personal connections will last a lifetime.

Any results you would care to share?
Grace 2:42, Fran 3:49, Jackie 7:12, Clean 235, Jerk 215 more than all of this, my recovery between workouts has seem significant improvement.

Favorite workout or movement?
12 days of Christmas, Fight Gone Bad, Grace, lifting and pushing and anything Bish’s little mind comes up with during comp classes.

Least favorite workout or movement?
Double unders…SHOCKER and Muscle ups…really only because I can’t seem to get them when I want them.

Favorite music/song to CF to?
That completely depends on what we are doing. High octane workouts need high octane music and lifting needs angry music

Anything else you would like to add?
Crossfit Charlottetown rocks. The people are amazing, the coaches are amazing and I am enjoying the programming.

Cheryl Paynter - Author

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