Member profile – Get to know Charla Currie!

Member profile – Get to know Charla Currie!


Our friend Charla!  One of CrossFit Charlottetown’s cherished original members and one of many big personalities that make up CFC’s soul!  Charla is a early morning CrossFitter at heart and loves barbell power output workouts and mobility classes!  Charla has competed in many regional and local competitions along with the open in the past few years.  In this past open, Charla slayed a major dragon with chest to bar pullups…doing them with ease.   Charla carries a long resume of sport activity, including hockey and field hockey, both playing and coaching and spends her days getting our youth moving at Colonel Gray High School….all the while practicing what she preaches.   How refreshing is that!

Please have a read and get to know some tidbits about Charla!


1.What do you do for a living? I’m a high school physical educator

2. How did you get involved in CrossFit and how long have you been CrossFitting?  About 5 years ago I had a crossfit coach visit my phys. ed class to go over what it was and run us through a typical class.  I also had some friends who were crossfitting and were very positive about their experience.  Shortly after that I signed up and have been crossfitting ever since.   

3. What are some of your goals in doing CrossFit?  My main crossfit goal is to be the healthiest, strongest version of me.  I grew up playing sports but never had the same motivation to push myself in the gym.  Crossfit has brought out the competitive side of exercise which has kept me at it and enjoying it through the years.

 4. Biggest challenges and rewards of coming to the gym?  I much prefer to workout in the am so when I can’t get there in the morning, sometimes life/work/coaching get in the way of getting to the gym in the evening.  Without question the greatest reward is the many friendships that have developed from the crossfit community.  It’s the people that keep me coming back to the gym.  There’s been many struggles, triumphs, pb’s, sweat and tears shared which make it a very rewarding and welcoming experience.    

5. Any results you would care to share?  I’ve always enjoyed running and lifting but the gymnastic components have never been my forte.  For me, this year’s open started off with a pretty positive experience getting my first chest to bar pull ups ever.  I was anticipating finishing that workout after the first round of burpees and walking lunges but to get through a number of rounds was my proud moment at the gym.

6. Favorite workout or movement?  I like the Olympics lifts – clean and jerks and snatches and I also like rowing, running and lately have a love/hate relationship with double unders.  

7. Least favorite workout or movement?  I guess my least favorite should be pull ups and toes to bar but because of my lack of mobility I think I might dread overhead even more!

8. Favorite music/song to CF to? I like cheesy, trendy pop music, there’s nothing like a good boy band to sing along to as you’re working out! 😊

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