Member Profile – Get to know Cynthia!

Member Profile – Get to know Cynthia!



Our pleasure to profile CFC’s biggest cheerleader…Cynthia!

Cynthia has made massive and very impressive gains in her just over year and a half CrossFitting!  She is, hands, down one of the hardest workers there are out there.  For example, Cynthia can be found working on a movement relentlessly until she has a breakthrough!  She has persevered and conquered box jumps, wall balls and is working hard on her pull ups.

Equally impressive is Cynthia genuine enthusiasm and support for all her fellow CrossFitters.  She can be seen (and heard;) on a regular basis cheering on everyone as they finish up a WOD or attempt a max lift.

Cynthia maintains her busy CrossFit, work and family schedule and somehow manages to keep up a fairly hefty running schedule as well.  She has PR’d all of her running distances, along with many benchmark WOD and has competed in several comps during the year including the tough Blizzard Beatdown, Festivus (2nd place finish) and the Island Throwdown.

A true contributor to our CFC family and community, please join us in congratulating Cynthia on her many and several accomplishments as of late.


1. What do you do for a living?

I work at Invesco as a Client Adminstrative Rep II.

2. How did you get involved in CrossFit and how long have you been CrossFitting?

I have been crossfitting for 1 1/2 years. My good friends Debbie & Adrian McMillan finally got me to try it after a year of many conversations. I saw a competition on television & thought wow I think I might like to try it. I thought that it would help with my core strength to help with my long distance running which surprise surprise it has!!

3. What are some of your goals in doing CrossFit?

Oh goals:


double unders

box jumps at 20 inches

double unders

I really have a long list so I won’t list everything!

4. Biggest challenges and rewards of coming to the gym?

Biggest challenges I would say are keeping the word can’t out of my mind when I am trying to work on…. double unders lol my brain does not want to stop working

Biggest reward is feeling empowered & pushing myself to the point of WOW I just did that. Also, the many people who inspire me to work hard and make sure I am doing things safely so I don’t get hurt.

5. Any results you would care to share?

Wall balls was a really hard one for me at 5 feet tall & having to throw a ball to a 9 foot line has been a really hard one. I got a lot of help from everyone on how to do them and it helped so much.

Getting a pullup & having Steve Bishop see that I could do it; I felt like 10 feet tall.

6. Favorite workout or movement?

I love doing the short person movements lol:


situps (straight legged no butterflying around for this girl)

any kind of running

push ups

air squats

7. Least favorite workout or movement?

I would have to say overhead squats(I have a lot of work on these babies)

We have been doing more of these lately so that’s good right 🙂

8. Favorite music/song to CF to?

Anything loud with a good beat that gets me going, the coaches usually have some really great music playing so I am usually tapping a toe or doing a little bopping between sets when we are lifting. I really enjoy the free entertainment that we sometimes experience during our workouts from some of the others working out. Never a dull moment for sure

9. Anything else you would like to add?


I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to this sport. I love it and could not imagine not going to the gym and getting to hang out with some pretty amazing people. I have gotten stronger, faster and more comfortable in my own skin. I have had the opportunity to safely learn to push my limits as well as found a community that encourages, supports and is always teaching me as well as challenging me to be the best person that I can be. A big shout out to the amazing coaches of Crossfit Charlottetown you all have been very inspiring & always make me want to work hard to improve my skills.

Thank you

Cheryl Paynter - Author

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