Friday Night Lights is Back!

Friday Night Lights is Back!

Its Back!!!

Our first running of Friday Night Lights “FNL” this fall.  For those of you who don’t know what FNL is….once a month or so, we pick a Friday night, have a big giant fun workout, libations (BYOB) and some dinner and what not afterwards.  Its a great time to enjoy a busy gym setting, meet some different folks, throw down and share some laughs.

This Friday at 6pm (no regular 530 class guys) we will do all of the above with an added twist of helping out a friend of CFC.  Many of you know Matt Cormier…he was involved in a fairly significant climbing accident/fall a few weeks back and remains in hospital as he undergoes some surgeries and recovery time.  Fundraising efforts have been taking place for Matt and his wife Nicole and we would like to help as a community.

Matt worked out with us for a few open seasons (who could forget Matt meeting pukey and returning to the floor to finish his wod!) and competed in Festivus at our gym.  He is a lover of adventure and all things fitness and is a true fighter.  We were saddened to hear about Matt’s accident and thought it fitting to schedule a big ass wod and passing the hat in his honor.  If you don’t know Matt, come anyway….for sure he would want that!

See you Friday at 6pm for a special WOD in Matt’s honour!



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