Wednesday October 11, 2017


Front Squat 6*4 – ‘heavy’


Amrap 12 minutes
Row 15 cals
2 rope climbs
5 high box jumps

Scale for rope climbs
– horizontal ring rows or as horizontal as possible 10 reps

Tuesday October 10, 2017

5pm WOD


5 x 2 snatch balance, increasing
weight but not max


bar muscle ups

Weightlifting 6PM

(7 mins on each complex to hit a max weight)
High Hang Clean + Hang Clean + Clean + Push Press
High Hang Clean + Hang Clean + Clean + Push Jerk
High Hang Clean + Hang Clean + Clean + Split Jerk


Tempo Back Squats

Sunday October 8, 2017



10 Box Jump Overs 24/20

10 Russian Twists with med ball 20/16

10 Shoulder to overhead 135/95, 115/75, 95/65



For Time


calorie row

kettlebell swings 70/53, 53/35, 35/25

Saturday October 7, 2017

Partner WOD Saturday!

A:) Run 5k, alternating 400m with your partner

or….6 rounds of 400m run alternating with your partner, run last 100m together because you did it!


AMRAP 7 mins – team of 2

5 power snatch 135/95, 95/65, 75/55

5 chest to bar pullups/pullups

you go, I go


Have fun!

Friday October 6, 2017

A:) Front Squat 3*3 ‘heavy’


10 RFT

5 power cleans 185/135, 155/105, 135/95 ‘heavy’

2 muscle ups or 3 chest to bar pullups or 4 pullups

1 handstand pushups or 3 regular push ups


Don’t forget tonight’s Friday Night Lights group WOD at 6pm….there will no regular 5:30pm class.  Also, will be a surprise WOD, above is for morning and nooners fun!


Thursday October 5, 2017

A:)  Handstand pushup work


4rds max strict into max kipping or max reps from a box to max regular push ups




12 deadlifts 225/155, 155/115, 135/95

24 abmat sit ups

350m recovery row

Wednesday October 4, 2017


Snatch work

3*6 of kneeling jumps

3*6 of muscle squat snatches

3*6 of snatch balance



E2MOM (that’s every 2 minutes folks!)

7 toes to bar

7 thrusters 105/75, 95/65,75/55

7 bar facing burpees

Tuesday October 3, 2017



5*5 Overhead Squat – ‘heavy’



Row – 1000m

15 push jerks 155/105, 135/95, 95/65

Row – 750m

20 push jerks 135/95, 115/75, 75/55

Row – 500m

25 push jerks 115/75, 95/65, 65/45


6pm Weightlifting

A:) 4*3 hang muscle snatch

B:) Snatch complex.  Snatch deadlift, hang snatch pull, full snatch.  Start ~65%.  Ascend in weight.

C:) 4*2 pause front squats


Friday Night Lights is Back!

Its Back!!!

Our first running of Friday Night Lights “FNL” this fall.  For those of you who don’t know what FNL is….once a month or so, we pick a Friday night, have a big giant fun workout, libations (BYOB) and some dinner and what not afterwards.  Its a great time to enjoy a busy gym setting, meet some different folks, throw down and share some laughs.

This Friday at 6pm (no regular 530 class guys) we will do all of the above with an added twist of helping out a friend of CFC.  Many of you know Matt Cormier…he was involved in a fairly significant climbing accident/fall a few weeks back and remains in hospital as he undergoes some surgeries and recovery time.  Fundraising efforts have been taking place for Matt and his wife Nicole and we would like to help as a community.

Matt worked out with us for a few open seasons (who could forget Matt meeting pukey and returning to the floor to finish his wod!) and competed in Festivus at our gym.  He is a lover of adventure and all things fitness and is a true fighter.  We were saddened to hear about Matt’s accident and thought it fitting to schedule a big ass wod and passing the hat in his honor.  If you don’t know Matt, come anyway….for sure he would want that!

See you Friday at 6pm for a special WOD in Matt’s honour!